The health domain is facing a number of challenges globally; the population is increased and people are getting older, which increases the overall demand for healthcare. On the other hand, regulatory pressures increase the burden of administration while urging to keep costs at a minimum. Finally, while technology is gaining more traction in the field of personal health, professional healthcare organizations are oftentimes reluctant to adopt innovation on a large scale.

Ensure availability and transparency of information

A key component of healthcare is the registration and communication of information, such as how a patient is doing or which medical procedures a professional has performed. This information is often organized in different ‘silos’, such as electronic health records of general practitioners, hospitals, and specialized care organizations. We actively research technologies which facilitate the analysis and transfer of information in a privacy-preserving fashion, allowing learning to take place across the different sources of data to create better, smarter decision making and more personalized healthcare delivery.

Leverage networks around the patient to organize care more effectively

All too often, care is organized around institutions which keep separate records and procedures, leading to a suboptimal care path and limiting the amount of choice a person has in the way and by whom they are treated, and who has access to their data. By organizing healthcare around the individual, their personal situation can be fully taken into account. We envision the creation of personal health models and treatments which ensures each individual receives the type of care that ensures an optimal quality of life, with care and funding organizations following suit.

Create care models which are need-driven, personalised and flexible

Most care activities are planned and protocolised out of necessity; financiers generally reimburse standard care ‘products’ consisting of a fixed allotment of effort and materials, which take into account the average patient but fall short in individual cases. This creates the problem of under- and overtreatment, both inefficient uses of a care professional’s time. We are active in various research and development projects which use technology to facilitate patients and care provider to flexibly scale up resources when needed (such as mobilizing an extra pair of hands to help in case of emergency), and prevent unnecessary appointments, such as when a family member has already helped an elderly resident get out of bed.


Almende aims to facilitate innovation. Click on one of the tiles below if you wish to learn more about one of our health projects.


Developing e-Health solutions to improve intramural and homecare for the elderly.


Optimizing office environments for energy savings and productivity.


Optimizing office environments for energy savings and productivity in a personalized fashion.


Developing and testing large-scale wireless sensor networks.


Monitoring health and lifestyle with unobtrusive hardware.


Promoting health and lifestyle using smartphones and body sensors.


Promoting health and happiness for knowledge workers.


Creating virtual and mixed reality environments to improve human-computer interaction.


Autonomous and easy-to-use tool for monitoring of personal food intake and personalised feedback.


A generic module that automatically collects and analyses health information gathered by VR goggles.


Streamlining the development, validation and reimbursement of promising eHealth solutions.


Using IoT-sensors to passively monitor ADLs to support elderly people living at home.



Privacy preserving cross-organizational data analysis in the healthcare sector.


App platform to empower and assist seniors with smartphones.


Setting up a trusted ecosystem for secure data sharing in the cancer domain.


Using an AI-powered VR-coach to help clients do exercises without a medical professional.

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