Almende brings self-organisation to the world


For over 20 years, Almende has been involved in more than 70 research and development projects that aim to make the world smarter through self-organization. Self-organization is a principle originating in nature where a group of individuals is able to collaborate and advance without central leadership. We stimulate self-organization by increasing the speed, frequency, and quality of interaction between people and their environment, enabling the emergence of new organizational structures and higher levels of organization. Technology is an important facilitator for this goal, which is why our team consists of software engineers, machine learning experts, and data scientists.

Applying the principle above to social groups has allowed us to stimulate self-organizing teams which do not require planning but instead respond to events as they occur, and to empower decision makers in healthcare or logistics to make better decisions in less time. Because people are able to interact with others easily and transparently, it becomes much easier to deal with problems as they occur with little to no management.

We also apply self-organization to technology we develop. By doing so, we create technical components which can learn from one another and collectively decide on the best course of action. This can be used to, e.g., create smarter IoT devices, or realize swarms of drones, or distribute algorithms more intelligently.

Next to her research activities, Almende is active as an incubator of innovative ideas and companies, which together form the Almende Group

Innovation domains

Self-organisation has applications in numerous areas, from computing to interpersonal systems. Our innovation domains represent overlapping themes where the benefits of self-organization can create lasting synergies for all parties involved.


We have several expertises under our roof, which we employ in our projects and commercial ventures. Click on one of the tiles below if you wish to learn more about one of our expertises, or get in touch with one of our experts.

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Data Analytics

Machine Learning


We frequently work together with universities, SMEs and large corporations across Europe in joint research and development projects. You can find a selection of the partners we have worked with in the past in the overview below.


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