SMART en Duurzame E-Zorg Concepten Rotterdam

Duration: 01/2015 – 08/2019  Funding: EFRO – Kansen voor West


The goal of SEDECR is to create a dynamic, self-learning ICT system that can be used to improve safety and self-sufficiency of patients. The ICT system consists of different components that are concerned with fire safety, usage of electrical equipment, vital functions, (in)activity, and presence of people. The goal behind the system is to provide better monitoring of patients in intramural and home settings, allowing health workers to raise alarms, or let the system do so automatically based on data.

The system will be tested in various ‘Living Labs’ in Rotterdam which simulate various care settings, such as a physical rehabilitation hospital and a simulated home environment for elderly people.


Almende's contribution to SEDECR is to provide technology and hardware which can be used to perform indoor localisation and actuation of electrical equipment to ensure safety. For this we have developed the Crownstone, which is being commercialized by one of our spin-off companies.


The project has already yielded valuable results about the workings of indoor localisation based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in practical settings (both at home and in the hospital). Furthermore, the application of Crownstone in a health setting has yielded insights about the added value of data gathered by the Crownstone for the health professional. For instance, by monitoring use of certain electrical devices, a health professional can determine whether someone is following a normal daily routine or requires help.

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