The health domain is facing a number of challenges globally; the population is increased and people are getting older, which increases the overall demand for healthcare. On the other hand, regulatory pressures increase the burden of administration while urging to keep costs at a minimum. Finally, while technology is gaining more traction in the field of personal health, professional healthcare organizations are oftentimes reluctant to adopt innovation on a large scale.

Our vision on the Health domain can be summarized in the following action lines:

1. Ensuring optimal information transfer and availability between stakeholders. A key component of healthcare is registration and communication of information, such as how a patient is doing or which medical procedures a professional is performed. This information is often organized in different ‘silos’, such as electronic health records of general practitioners, hospitals, and specialized care organizations. Our vision is that data should be structured around the client instead of around the healthcare organization, and gathered in an automated fashion as much as possible.

2. Keeping the person at the center of healthcare. All too often, care is organized around institutions which keep separate records and procedures, leading to a suboptimal care path and limiting the amount of choice a person has in the way and by whom they are treated, and who has access to their data. By organizing healthcare around the individual, their personal situation can be fully taken into account. We envision the creation of personal health models and treatments which ensures each individual receives the type of care that ensures an optimal quality of life, with care and funding organizations following suit.

3. Facilitate reaching personal health goals. There is a wealth of data available which can be used to analyze the result of health-related choices, and even predict future performance or behavior. The key is to bring these insights to the person in a way that is intuitive and actionable, allowing them to make better choices.

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