No matter where you’re based, or which team you work on, you’ll be part part of a group of people working together to build solutions to mission-critical problems and a company that values the very best ideas. There is a role for you here – whether you’re a grad student, starter or have many years of experience.

Junior Innovation Managers (JIM)

As a JIM you are responsible for the rollout of new innovative ideas on their road to becoming a start-up. Generally, this means there is a core technology or idea for which there is a large potential market, but work needs to be done to ensure that the proper first steps are taken. This requires a number of hand-on tasks, such as:

  • Performing market research;
  • Ensuring a good product-market fit;
  • Creating the first business case and revenue model;
  • Reaching out to potential customers;
  • Aligning with product development teams;
  • Supporting pilots and product tests;
  • Supporting the business owner.

In practice, you will work on one or two ideas for a period of several months, together with the business owner(s) from Almende. Afterwards, you have the opportunity to stay with the idea (or start-up) or move on to a new one.

Required profile:

We are looking for strong candidates in the final stages of their studies, with a background in Marketing, Finance, Innovation, or International Management. We highly appreciate candidates that can demonstrate their affinity with technology and innovation, or have prior start-up experience.

A strong proficiency in English is required in speaking and writing. Dutch proficiency is also valued highly as most innovations will require working together with Dutch companies and employees.

Finally, we are looking for candidates who are independent, self-starting, and eager to learn. In return, we offer an attractive work environment with plenty of room for own ideas, the chance to work remotely or from home, and opportunities to grow to a long-term position within our group.


Please send your CV including a cover letter about your own personal drive to

Open application

There are no positions open at the moment besides JIM, but we’re open to any open applications. Almende is always looking for talented people experienced in applied research, software development, systems integration, data analytics and secure DevOps.

Please send your CV including a cover letter about your own personal drive to


Do you have an affinity for innovative technology and want to take it a step further? Doing an internship or graduation at Almende might just be for you.

There are no positions open at the moment for an internship but we’re open to any applications regarding research and development.

Please send your CV including a cover letter about your own personal drive to

More info?

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