Tech Internship:
Dive into the world of Agent-Based Systems

Are you passionate about technology and looking for a practical, real-world experience in technology? 

Our internship is perfect for students who want to dive into the world of Agent Based Systems and see how they make a difference in fields like social network analysis and disaster management.

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Tech internship Agent Based Systems

What will you do and learn?

Join us as an intern and you’ll be right at the heart of a major European project, helping to create a new, innovative system that understands complex social networks in the context of Disaster Risk Management.

You’ll conduct qualitative mathematical analysis and simulations to understand real-world complexities in social networks.

Learn and grow with this internship

Main tasks

  • Researching independently to build our Agent Based System
  • Choosing the right methods and technology to get the job done
  • Use the selected set of tools to build the Agent-Based System
  • Collaborating with international partners, to gain insights to make the project even better
  • Reporting your findings and progress, becoming a key voice in our team

Learning opportunities

Not only will you learn a lot by doing advanced research and tech work, but you’ll also play a big part in a major European project.

It’s a great chance to grow both personally and professionally, where you can show off your independence, creativity, and decision-making, while working with others in a collaborative and international setting.

About you

No need to be a tech wizard from the start. If you’re studying in a science or engineering field and are comfortable with programming, you’ll fit right in.

People at Almende in a meeting

Ideally you have the following qualifications:

  • Currently enrolled in a science/engineering degree, e.g., Computer Science, Software Engineering, Data Science, etc, and in 3rd or final year
  • Some experience with programming, preferably in Python and/or Javascript, or willing to learn
  • Strong problem-solving abilities
  • Fluent in the English language

Any extra skills in frontend development, databases, AI, or cloud services are a bonus!

What can you expect from us

About Almende

Join Almende to work on innovations that make the world better and smarter through self-organization and technology.

We research complex problems, together with an international network of partners, and generate ideas to solve them. We also help entrepreneurs grow innovative ideas into successful companies.

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Our culture

We are a small-scale and flat organization. The culture is informal, and communication lines are short. We don’t like office politics.

At Almende, employees are given the space to work independently. We empower our employees to voice their ideas. If you enjoy taking initiative, have many ideas, and wish to execute them, you’ll feel right at home.

What we offer

  • Real hands-on experience: Apply what you’ve learned in your studies to real-life situations
  • A peek into the international tech scene
  • Build a network with industry pros
  • Guidance and mentorship from people who’ve been in your shoes

The application process


Send us your resume at

First Meeting

We’ll first check if your profile fits. If yes, you’ll meet with the Head of the department.

Second Meeting

Meet one of your future colleagues for an in-depth talk about the subject matter you applied for.


If there's a mutual connection, we'll make you a great offer. Hopefully, we can welcome you to our team soon!