Duration: 01/2006 – 01/2007  Funding: Kenniswijk Project, SenterNovum

Partners: NaN

Tante Kwebbel

Tante Kwebbel is a smartphone communication system that connects people.

Some changes in the structure of the care and health organization (introduction of the WMO) have big consequences. The system depends more on civil initiatives and self-organization of the community. 

Unfortunately, voluntary work is changing. People are willing to do their share of voluntary work to society but on total different conditions than before. They do not want long term commitments and obligations. Therefore, voluntary works has to become more flexible to make use of this potential group op volunteers. 

Tante Kwebbel is a smart telephone-system, that exactly knows what someone wants and who is available at that moment. People can be honest to a telephone-system, so they can say no when they are not able to help. Everyone that subscribes to Tante Kwebbel is able to call her or can be called by her. 



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Senior consultant

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