Communication Support and its Ethics to Improve Patient-Centred Health Care

Duration: 08/2009 – 08/2013  

Partners: TU Delft, 4TU

Patient centered health care

The current project investigates how ethical values should be considered during the design phase of systems that support the communication in health care.

The reason to investigate how to incorporate humans in the system is that many trade-offs and issues are not that explicit and not easily quantifiable. By using the human actor in a certain role it might be possible to cope with moral aspects in an accountable way without introducing too much complexity at the multi-agent level. In the project, the preferences, values and interests of humans in the system play a crucial role in the technical realisation of a communication support system that is capable of suggesting solutions that respect those preferences and interests where possible and that clarifies conflicts of interest. 



The realization of the software system led to dialogues between philosophers, sociologists, engineers and health practitioners. This project delivered an approach for engineers complex software systems that takes stakeholder values explicitly into account at design time. A proof of concept is realized within an actual health care context. 

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