Partners: Ookjij, MovinG bits




Ookjij maakt vrienden

Stichting Ookjij aims to make the internet accessible to people with a mental disability. Together with MovinG Bits (webdesign) and Almende, Stichting Ookjij developed the platform The platform enables young people with a mental disability to access the internet and navigate in a safe and user-friendly environment. 

Besides being a source of information, the main function of is communication. Namely, connecting the users of through chat, VoIP and games. As their social networks are often (relatively) small, increasing and extending their social circle will increase their participation in modern society. 


Almende focused on the back-end of the platform.
It realized the possibility of Flash to VoIP connections, intelligent set-up of communications (e.g. escalation in case of emergencies) and intelligent matching (based on feedback algorithms) for chat and gaming. 


More info?

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Senior consultant

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