European rural areas embody outstanding examples of Cultural and Natural Heritage that need not only to be safeguarded but also promoted as a driver for competitiveness, sustainable and inclusive growth and development. The main ambition of RURITAGE is the creation of an innovative rural regeneration paradigm based on Cultural and Natural Heritage, consolidating the role of culture as the fourth pillar of sustainable development and contributing to economic growth, social inclusion and environmental sustainability in rural areas. By establishing a new heritage-led rural regeneration approach, RURITAGE aims to turn rural areas into sustainable development demonstration laboratories, through the enhancement of their unique heritage potential.

RURITAGE has identified 6 Systemic Innovation Areas (pilgrimages; sustainable local food production; migration; art and festivals; resilience; and integrated landscape management) which, integrated with cross-cutting themes, showcase heritage potential as a powerful engine for economic, social and environmental development of rural areas. The RURITAGE Resources Ecosystem, conceived as an open and online data platform, will ensure effective knowledge sharing and mutual learning by integrating the innovative tools developed within RURITAGE. All information and relevant tools will remain online available beyond the end of the project.


Almende is mainly involved in the development of a decision support system for the six strategic innovation areas in the project, that recombine cultural and natural heritage promotion strategies of existing role models into new strategies for their own heritage.


The project represents a new use case for decision support, which makes use of agent-based technology that has been used successfully in past projects, mainly in the areas of Health and Logistics. Through the application of decision support to this use case, Almende is able to extract generic principles that can be applied more broadly in future projects as well.

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