Open Platform voor Smart data in Combinatie met Holistische Analyse Leidend tot Energie Reductie

Duration: 1/2016 – 9/2019  Funding: TSE – iDEEGO                                    


Getting a clear picture of the energy savings that can be obtained through the numerous sustainable upgrades that exist for buildings proves to be a big challenge for building owners. Most advices assume a certain ‘standard’ level of use and pay no mind to actual usage levels. With the advent of smart energy meters there is a wealth of data available about actual energy usage, however due to privacy regulations these are currently only publicly available after aggregation at the zip-code level, and summed over a period of months or even years. This makes it hard to use this data for actual savings calculations for individual buildings, and optimization of energy usage and production at micro levels. The goal of OPSCHALER is to develop tooling for households, homeowners’ associations (VVEs), real estate corporations, and municipal governments to use the data from smart meters to gain insight into the actual savings potential in existing households, in order to create more transparency and eliminate the barriers that currently prevent owners of real estate from investing in sustainable upgrades.


Almende aim is to develop an agent-based multi-level data aggregation platform that is able to present and analyse energy usage data based on the use cases described above. This requires the development of technology which can ensure the privacy of individual household data at the various levels, while nonetheless providing the required insights.


Almende benefits from the project through the use of agent-based technology in the practical use case of analysing and presenting energy savings, keeping in mind the privacy of the end user, which is a challenge in projects outside the energy domain as well.

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