“We turn promising ideas into successful companies that bring these innovative solutions to the market.”

Current Initiatives


SAFE is a mobile application with a physical emergency button.


Niceday aims to provide better mental healthcare and make an impact by efficiently enhancing people's mental well-being.


Sol Psychotherapy is a psychotherapy practice that aims to bring together supply and demand within mental health care (GGZ) in an innovative way.


RITHM functions a project partner with a core expertise in facilitating solutions by creating custom-built software.


Crownstone is a company that combines indoor localization with building automation for homes and offices.

Standby solutions

StandBy Solutions offers a presence detection system that detects the presence of people or devices in a facility, and is also able to pinpoint where they are within the facility.


Distributed Organisms, or DoBots, researches innovative solutions using Internet of Things, robotics and big data.

Sense health

Provide people with personal support, using the benefits of modern technology


Cloud-based devops and simulation technology for robotics

Former Initiatives


Luna, now, provides cloud services from Disaster Recovery to Managed Hosting.


Regas, now Myneva, provides registration software that supports, optimizes and continuously improves the primary processes within care and welfare.


The app to easily arrange the accessibility of your care team yourself.

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Attenza is a specialist in palliative   and intensive care.

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