European Connected Factory Platform for Agile Manufacturing

(Duration: 01/2019 – 12/2022  Funding: H2020 – Factories of the Future)


eFactory is a federated smart factory ecosystem and a digital platform that links different stakeholders of the digital manufacturing domain. The eFactory platform enable users to utilise innovative functionalities, experiment with disruptive approaches and develop custom solutions for specific needs. At the core of eFactory is an interoperable ‘Data Spine’ that provide open interfaces to support the integration of distributed systems and platforms with their integrated toolset and services. The eFactory federation is offered to the manufacturing and logistic companies as an open platform; to utilise the offered functionality, experiment with innovation approaches and develop custom solutions based on specific needs. The project demonstrates the power of federation through 3 embedded large scale pilots focusing on lot-size-one manufacturing and sustainable value networks in diverse sectors, while a cross sectorial circular economy pilot is also incorporated. The results of the pilots are openly made available as lessons learned and best practices. The creation of the European smart factory ecosystem is supported by offering interested companies technical and financial support. The project is primarily composed of SMEs who have the agility to quickly react and adopt innovative solutions, while experience and market reach of big players such as Airbus and Siemens is also leveraged.

Almende’s contribution

Almende has previously worked on smart manufacturing project DIGICOR, and will use the knowledge and expertise from this project to develop mechanics for dynamic risk assessment and smart contracting.


The project is relevant to Almende’s vision on the manufacturing domain, and builds upon its knowledge and expertise on smart manufacturing together with the projects vf-OS and DIGICOR. The risk assessment and smart contracting mechanics to be developed are relevant in areas outside the manufacturing domain as well, and the insights gained during the project can be relevant for spin-off company DoBots and Crownstone.


Virtual factory, smart manufacturing, smart factories, Industry 4.0